Interior Design & Inspiration

No Rules...

When it comes to hanging fun and colorful artwork, there's no need to limit yourself to a specific room!
Let your imagination run wild and have fun with the walls in any room of your home.
There are no rules or to follow, so go ahead and bring vibrant and eye-catching art into unexpected spaces.
Whether it's a bright and cheerful painting in your kitchen, a playful print in your bathroom, or a bold statement piece in your hallway, embrace the freedom to decorate your walls with joy and creativity.

Be Inspired!

The Retirement Years

Limited Edition

A great gift for men...perhaps to hang in their man cave area or as a fantastic kitchen or game room piece.
Nelson De La Nuez The Museum of Humor Art MOHA Kitty Graffiti Limited Edition Street Art Cats Kittens Pets

Kitty Graffiti

Limited Edition

Don't limit yourself where to hang pieces...this piece can be a fun addition in an office, a kid's room, family room, even a kitchen (he is spraying the word "sushi" after all)
Nelson De La Nuez Just Add Milk Limited Edition The Museum of Humor Art MOHA Breakfast Cereals Lucky Charms Cap'n Crunch Trix Quisp Count Chocula Frosted Flakes

Just Add Milk

Limited Edition

Start your day off by being reminded of those fond childhood memories of your favorite cereal mascots. Kitchen or kid's limits where you can hang on this fun artwork

Cookie Connoisseur

Limited Edition

This fun piece can hang on a stoic office wall or the centerpiece of the kitchen or kid's room... have fun!